Neova Technologies

Booth design for Milan tradeshow

A 20′ x 20′ and 10′ x 10′ booth design for use in international tradeshows were developed to reflect the new brand identity and product placement strategy.

Xypex Chemical Corporation
Xypex attends the annual World of Concrete with its 20′ x 20′ tradeshow. All components were to work seamlessly to provide an interactive and educational experience while showcasing their products and worldwide projects.

Centra Windows
Pilot signage application of new brand identity onto the new location store front.

Wolfgang Commercial Painters
Wolfgang’s livery are utilitarian. Driving billboard are so successful as they cost little to maintain, get incredible exposure, and are visible at the job sites providing a large scale ad.

Hilton Hotels & Resorts
The first Hilton Hotel in BC needed to have a carefully crafted and designed sales environment which would reflect quality and prestige.

A new brand name in luxury retail was created and implemented on a pilot store. Kameleon established a strategic visual presence that reflected the market objectives along with the business goals and values of the company.

Centra Windows
Vehicle wraps for both cars and trucks were designed to help add advertising value and to gain more presence in local service areas.