Vista D’oro Farms

A taste of family history
and tradition

With the addition of the new Walnut Wine to their line of handcrafted wines, this concept focuses on the family history,
a bit of legend and a design to reflect the premium nature of this handcrafted product.

These shopping bags were to depict the fashionable teen demographics of this luxury accessories retailer.

Grotek develops and manufactures natural gardening nutrients. To heighten shelf presence and maintain brand identity, Grotek wanted its new range of product packaging to be easily recognizable with vibrant colours and simple, fresh illustrations.

Manito Silk
A complete packaging range for contemporary silk products. The design allowed customers to see the actual product while still protecting the delicate fabric.

Zev’s restaurant wanted its match boxes to reflect the ambient mood of this world flavoured restaurant.

Absolute Software required a redesign for the packaging that housed the patented software to track and secure computers and its data.

Annual ‘Red Nose’ Wine Tasting Competition
A Kameleon wine tasting competition at Christmas that became an instant hit and has since become a yearly tradition. Drink the wine and play an online interactive game to guess the correct wine and win a bottle of Châteauneuf du Pape.

Xypex is an international developer and manufacturer of waterproofing and repairing concrete products. HD-150 is a retail version sold in various locations across North America.

Xypex Chemical Corporation
To meet the practices and demands of the construction industry, a wide range of metal & plastic litho’d pails, bags, bottles, kits were designed to package Xypex’s integrated system of concrete waterproofing and repair products.

Packaging for ACL Desktop and DirectLink; data analytics software for audit, financial, risk and compliance professionals.

Granville Island Broom Co.
New brand identity and implementation for a Vancouver based handcrafted artisan retailer specializing in the unique art of broom making.