Brian Jessel BMW

Putting a bit of cheek
into the picture

Brian Jessel BMW was launching its new state-of-the-art showroom. A series of billboards and print advertisements were needed to gain excitement and awareness of the new facility.

Gastown is a heritage-rich Vancouver neighbourhood which salutes its 19th century buildings while embracing the present. Having launched a rebranded positioning, its advertising campaign needed to attract locals to the heart of the city.

Trafalgar Summer Festival
Amid the sweltering summer months when Kuwaitis escape abroad, Trafalgar wanted to generate buzz and increase retail traffic with their Summer Festival campaign which featured a BMW C-Series convertible giveaway.

Westminster Savings Credit Union
In a time when returns on investments are volatile, this guaranteed a rate of return was all that was needed to be depicted in an interesting graphic way. 

Centra Windows
The Spring Makeover advertising print run for their quarterly campaign combined the ideas of “new spring wardrobe” and the cost benefits of replacing your old windows.

SympaticoMSN is a very successful enterprise with potent media abilities. This templated approach allowed application to the various channels without multiple designs being needed.

Independent Contractors Business Association’s integrated marketing campaign to promote the added benefits for its members.